Friday, 17 February, 2006

Over silly cartoons!

Our hyderabadi muslim brethren were bit late in registering their protest against the depiction of Muhammad in the cartoons published by the Danish newspaper but nevertheless not to be left out, Today afternoon they finally protested in style by burning Kingdom of Denmark's flag, throwing stones on the passers, city's public transport buses(thereby breaking window glasses and hurting people traveling inside these buses, which include women & children), rampaging on streets and violently destroying public & private property.

In the old city(where majority of hyderabadi muslims reside) after performing their friday namaz(muslim prayer) they poured on to the streets with some green flags, perhaps their conscience was finally awakened during the namaz for not giving befitting reply to perceived abuse from Danish newspaper and started rampaging on the innocent people. In the past, law enforcement authority had proposed to install cameras at key locations in the city and also at some mosques due to then regular disturbance caused by our muslim brethren using those mosque premises, which was vehemently opposed by minority leaders and protested by asking rather a innocent question, that why they were singled out?. Later, under pressure from various political groups, this proposal was not even considered, instead government has increased number of police stations in the region but still they are not adequate to monitor the interiors of the old city. Members of rapid action force, a paramilitary unit which is deployed permanently in the area because of the past outbursts of our Muslim brethren and in the view of sensitiveness of this area, were helplessly watching the rampage of the mob since they were outnumbered. But few of the personal were quite glad in their inaction and that they were not in the harms way as their leisurely attitude suggested. Finally when reinforcements arrived, police personal were effective in controlling the situation.

Later, It was informed to me that our muslim brethren had difficulty in acquiring Denmark's flag because many of them heard this name (country/city:- whatever) for the first time!. If they would asked me, then i would suggest them to get any western nation's flag, preferably USA or Britain (their favorite great Satans) since in their eyes all those christian majority nations are same, eventually they will lump Denmark with the other western nations, so why scratch their head for this scandinavian country?. If anyone complains about the accuracy then may i point that most of these people had not even seen those said objectionable cartoons or Importantly Denmark's government is not a party in publishing those cartoons, so why bother?

All in all, I must express my gratitude to our muslim brethren for not killing anyone of us over silly cartoons, as their counterparts did in other parts of the world, even though i believe the honour should go to our security personals for quelling the mob. Whew!!!, i'm still alive!.