Tuesday, 30 September, 2008

Creatures with no freedom

Chowk(junction) near charminar in hyderabad is famous for various bird sellers. They supply birds to different states and also provide for film shootings & functions. When there is business, It is very lucrative for the people involved. Unfortunately for the birds, it is horrible for being confined in a small area.


There are too many in a small place

It is sad that these beautiful birds will never truly enjoy freedom.

Parrots in cages Beautiful creature with no freedom!

Most of their lifetime, they are kept in cages, which are generally too small for them.

There was a government ban on birds trading but it was lifted after protests from traders. This is a scene at one of the breeder's place.

Thursday, 4 September, 2008

Situation in Bihar

Yesterday, The Frame (which is a similar initiative as The Big Picture) has published pictures from flooded areas in India & one village in bangladesh, with the main emphasis on Bihar. It is always easy to be insulated from others suffering, specially when we don't imagine or feel their pain ourselves. In that respect, these pictures help us to see the human suffering and comprehend the magnitude of the disaster which unfolded in these regions. Only if politicians and bureaucrats are not so indifferent towards human suffering and doesn't exhibit their ineptitude, it would had made lot of difference to so many lives and have reduced their pain. I guess, i can only lament and contribute funds to the relief work.

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Monday, 1 September, 2008



Here is a different perspective


Taken with I-Mobile 902

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