Sunday, 27 July, 2008

Standing tall


They were so tiny and it was dark, had difficulty to focus. Here is the another picture from different angle

Taken with I-Mobile 902

Sunday, 20 July, 2008

Child labour!!!

Child labour!!!....;)

Child Labour!!??....Just kidding!. Friend using service of his niece :D.

She was enjoying music on ipod while she gave massage to her uncle.

Taken with I-Mobile 902.

Monday, 14 July, 2008

The Big Picture

There is this new blog on Boston Globe called The Big Picture, which tells stories through pictures. Alan Taylor who maintains this blog compiles all images specific to a topic from various sources and presents them in his blog. It has simple yet effective interface, which makes reader's experience even better.

Images of the big picture never seizes to amaze me, today there is a blog entry with beautiful pictures on world's largest cycle race in France.

All his posts are very touching and amazing. Below are few stories to show the brilliance of this blog:

Sunday, 13 July, 2008

Wild flower

Wild flower

This photo was taken in my house with i-mobile 902 and it was windy.

I decided to wait until PMA 2009 for Canon to release 50D, if not, at least by then price of upcoming 5d replacement will be reduced to some extent.