Sunday, 29 January, 2006

A beautiful travelogue and a captivating blog

No matter how busy we are, sometimes few things captivate our thoughts and make us lose our sense of time!. I had such experience twice in a span of few days. On republic day, Benjamin shared his fascinating travelogue of his Indian visit with the IndianCivilization group members. Well, his illustrated webpage took me into different & colorful world from mine and also it reminded me three things which i long been forgotten(perhaps i have not thought too seriously about the means, through which i can accomplish them!) and they are: 1) To learn Sanskrit 2) Study Vedanta 3) Travel this planet and learn about different cultures & its people (probably due to this urge, i get more attracted towards blogs which write about places or its people).

Today, i was going to bed when my friend called and requested me to come online. Initially, I was reluctant because i was drowsy due to lack of adequate sleep on the previous night, anyway in the end i had to oblige. After i had finished with him, i chanced upon a blog of a 47 year old women, RamaAnanth (nickname). Her style of narration is very captivating and one post led to another and this way i had read her entire blog and forgot that i was dying for sleep and that tomorrow i need to wake up early. I had much desire to read more of her writings but sadly she doesn't blog frequently. Anyway, i wanted to leave my comment on her blog but i can't post it due to some problem with msn :(.

Saturday, 21 January, 2006

Random Thoughts

When i don't blog even for a day, i have this emptiness but sadly as i said in my earlier post, i have limited time for blogs, in which i have to manage & keep pace with other blogs in my blogroll and if time permits, then writing for my own blog. In addition to this, These days i feel guilty for not contributing anything for Focus-India, a new group blog initiative with majority of the contributors being either socialist or outright leftist(i'm neither) but sadly this initiative seems to be dead even before it begun, i hoped that this blog will reflect diverse views. Hopefully after a month or two, i will have much time to blog.

It is amazing to observe congress ignoring the ruckus over major issues in 82nd Congress plenary and maintaining focus on Rahul Gandhi's nomination to the Congress Working Committee. Congress men and women believe that he is a crowd puller, particularly youth. Well to be honest, my young friends consider him bane to the nation! (if he becomes PM or a Cabinet Minister) to which i concur, there i go, perhaps i revealed my prejudice!.

After spending hours watching the relay of Anand's corus tournament game, I'm very much disappointed that he lost to Kamsky, Now he is sharing his number one position in the tourney with Topalov, However Humpy is doing well with respective to her rating. Anyway still 7 rounds to go. Here is the 6th round games in PGN format, you can watch them using any PGN viewer software like Winboard.

Tuesday, 10 January, 2006

Same old story

Time to get euphoric over India's cricket tour to Pakistan and talk about their hospitality, people to people contact, generating goodwill through sports, how we all look alike and so on... thereby hoping for improved relationship and reduced terror attacks. Thus forgetting the fact, that the terrorism exists because of the State's desire to achieve its political goals by means of terror, which has affected many of our lives. Their people has little or no influence on the Pakistan government, therefore whatever goodwill generated through these events would not bring any change to the ground reality. Of course we can ignore all these terror acts to feel good about our general conscious by blaming everything on so-called minority persecution or on riots, as some bloggers try to persuade us. Let us keep sport a sport without attaching any connotation to it. By the way, Good Luck to India & Pakistan, may the best team win!...oops i almost forgot, Happy Retirement, Ganguly!.

Saturday, 7 January, 2006

Apathy towards baloch people!

No civilized & responsible nation will use jets, gunships and heavy artillery against their own people unless of-course if the government thinks otherwise and doesn't care about them. World remains impervious towards the atrocities and brutal crimes committed by the pakistani army on baloch people. Some persons & the media in our country are more concerned about jeopardizing our relationship with Pakistan than noticing the tragic suffering of fellow humans in Balochistan. Our Uncle Sam who champions freedom and democracy all over the world remains indifferent in raising the issue with his number one ally, Major Non-NATO ally and trusted friend "Pakistan".

Below is the picture of a little girl and more gruesome images can be seen here

No democratic country in this world is willing to come forward to listen to pleas of numerous pakistani politicians, irrespective to their political affiliation or to the pakistan based group called Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy(ARD):
"The ARD appeals to the Western democratic forces to support the oppressed people instead of dictators, endorse the views of the ARD and other democratic forces and stop the (Pakistan) government from using force to suppress the fundamental and human rights of the people of Balochistan."

Anyway, Why anyone should come forward? and what is in for them? Specially when we all forgot about humanity long time ago!.

Ps: My sincere apologies to those unsuspecting readers for exposing you to such a gruesome picture.