Sunday, 22 March, 2009

Time to reflect

Taken with I-Mobile 902.

Scene from Marine Drive, Mumbai.

Here is the initial version of this picture, i felt that tones are bit bland to compliment the mood, therefore i revised it.

Thursday, 12 March, 2009

Lovely Yellow

Taken with I-Mobile 902

Tried to make this flower look transparent with experimental processing. But realized that i need DSLR for capturing more details and to retain more clarity in the picture. This cannot be done with my 5mp cell phone without sacrificing picture quality.

Wednesday, 4 March, 2009

Afternoon stroll

Afternoon stroll

Taken with I-Mobile 902. Originally posted here

Scene from Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai. An old man from a nearby village takes a stroll on the beach. In the background, fisherman's kid swims on a hot day.