Friday, 27 April, 2007


Last week, I watched apocalypto with my friends. Well, the movie was very interesting and particularly i liked it's direction but it gives gloomy impression of Mayan Civilization and also contains some inaccuracies. It has excessive violence, perhaps to assist audience to overcome any limitations with their imagination in visualizing gruesomeness of events and to empathize with the victims ;). Overall at the end of the movie, one gets the feeling, that this great and advance civilization's collapse was for the good!.

I'm a big fan of Mel Gibson as a fine actor and director but this movie makes me ponder, whether there is any subtle message to it, which is of course disturbing!.

Wednesday, 4 April, 2007

Where are you Sofia?

I've been waiting for a decent 5 megapixel camera phone for sometime now. Last year, LG has introduced KG920, but its camera is slow and also i don't like it's design. Last month Nokia has introduced N95, which runs on symbian. It's design is excellent and has all connectivity options that one can consider (USB, Infrared, Bluetooth, GSM, WCDMA, HSDPA, WLAN) & also integrated GPS. It prides of using Carl Zeiss Optics, but the quality of the pictures & videos are okay and not exceptional, at times it produces pictures with purple hue, and also it has poor battery. This leaves me with Sony Ericsson's K850i(code named Sofia). However, SE has not even acknowledged Sofia's existence till date. I and others like me, hoped that Sofia will be unveiled at CeBit 2007 but that was not the case and now rumors are going around, that it might be announced in the middle of April and available in June/July. Let us hope this may be the actual date, if not, then i've to prolong this wait with dejection!!!. After using K750i, I've reason to believe that Sofia's camera might be the best when compared to other phones, and also below 3rd photo supposedly taken with Sofia looks promising. However, Sofia may not be a smartphone like N95 but that is not my consideration. Moreover SE phones are slightly faster than Nokia and have better battery life.

Sofia's photoshop Pic Courtesy of deuxani and thecoolsha

According to Nielsen Media Research, some groups are more attracted to certain brands than others:

  • Nokia : Family-minded / Middle aged managers / Balance seekers / Health conscious.
  • Motorola : Fashion conscious / Under 24 / Fun seekers / Individualistic.

  • Sony Ericsson : Ambitious young men / Professionals / Success driven / Individualistic.
  • LG : Favourite of mums / Stay-at-home parents / Success driven / Harmony seekers.

  • Samsung : Young women / Career focused / Success driven / Fun seekers.