Monday, 13 March, 2006

Winning is all that eventually matters!

Last year, Sania Mirza and Shahar Peer of Israel had teamed-up for the doubles tournament in Bangkok and reached up to quarter-finals. They wished to continue their pair in Bangalore's doubles tournament in February 2006 but subsequent protests from Indian Muslims had forced Sania to announced that she would not play with Israeli:

"Mirza initially agreed to play with Pe’er in Bangalore, but later retracted, telling Pe’er “It’s best that we don’t play together this time to prevent protests against my cooperation with an Israeli. There is no reason to arouse their ire (Muslims)."

I was saddened and disappointed for the manner in which she was intimidated to change her doubles partner and also for imposing muslim's essential hatred towards Israel on a sport. For a moment, i forgot the fact that Sania's display of arrogance is due to her vanity and not for being self-respecting and courageous.

This year, Sania had performed pathetically in various tournaments and her ranking plunged from being 31st at the end of 2005 to current 45th position. In doubles too she did not had worth mentioning success and in view of this, again she wants to partner with Shahar in doubles tournament, despite the criticism and ignoring the apprehension which she had expressed just last month and also it made her to realize that:

"You shouldn't mix up sports with anything else," the 19-year-old told Reuters at the March 8-19 tournament in Indian Wells.

and she goes further to add:

"If I had to follow the stereotype of what a woman athlete should be in India, then I wouldn't be playing tennis because there aren't many girls who pick up rackets when they are six. If you believe it's right, if your loved ones believe it's right, then it's right."

Then just a month ago, where did this reasoning & resolve gone?. By the way, When talking about women athletes in India, She should remember that tennis players like Sanaa or Ankita or Shikha Uberoi or Rushmi Chakravarthi have not faced any ire over their outfits or on any other issue from anyone, So she should not make generalize statement over women athletes in India to describe her problems with muslim community. Perhaps she doesn't want to face another angry protest from muslims!.

Is Sania opportunistic in desiring to team up with Shahar again in wake of her dismal performances and especially after her last month's apprehension?, i'm not sure.. But in the end, winning is all that eventually matters!.