Sunday, 27 November, 2005

Kushboo's controversy

I support kushboo fully and stand by her views. It is sad that other than couple of eminent people, none from Tamil Nadu dared to come forward in her support. I believe, to indulge in sex, marriage is not prerequisite and most importantly one should take necessary precautions, so they wont contract any sexual disease or virus. Certainly everyone cannot be expected to remain virgin until the time of their marriage!, In fact, in classical sangam poetry, In kuruntogai many poems discuss about premarital sex, so people who are protesting themselves are alienated from their Tamil culture!.

Every person is entitled to have their opinion and if there is any difference of opinions, then they could have expressed in mature fashion. What these people are doing on the pretext of upholding Tamil culture exposes their intention to torment her and cause emotional trauma. This cannot be done without having vendetta against her. My understanding for this vehement protest is, that her recent campaign against dalit director Thangkar Bachan for his derogatory remark against Tamil actresses in general, has irked some people and specially Dalit Panthers party and since then they are waiting for right opportunity to get even with her. It was said, that Thangkar was upset with daily tantrums of the actress, who he was shooting in his film. In frustration, he gave a statement which said, that "he knows what these actresses do, to excel their career and they almost prostitute themselves to reach the position they enjoy now". Kushboo has spearheaded campaign against him and made him to apologize publicly and also forced him to prostrate before group of actresses. Some felt that she had overdone it and humiliated Thangkar in this process, Specially when Director has already repented on his remark, So these people were waiting for right opportunity to teach her a lesson.

Whatever the case is, she certainly does not deserve none of these actions.

Saturday, 19 November, 2005

Narrow Minded Sania Mirza!

These are the remarks of our esteemed youth icon, the Sania Mirza:

"I would like to clearly say on record that I could not possibly justify pre-marital sex as it is a very big sin in Islam and one which I believe will not be forgiven by Allah," Sania, a devout Muslim, said in the statement.

"Attributing a view point that is totally contrary to what I believe in and what I stand for as a Muslim and as an Indian girl,"

She had also denied that her remarks at the summit that whether her dress was six inches in length was not made in the context of fatwa issued on the subject.

First, She has right to have her opinion but holding such primitive views raise questions to those people, who exemplify her as a youth icon. What kind of impression this would make on those people, who hold everything about her in reverence? and those who wish to emulate her?. Indian media needs to be careful with a person, who they choose as a role model for Indian youth and to represent her as symbol of indian sport.

Ps: I will resume my posting in the last week of November or first week of the December.

Can we learn from South Africans?

"Indian cricket team lacks discipline & attitude" this remark is not made by Rahul Dravid with regards to number of extras conceded in the Hyderabad game against South Africa but the observation made by people who are responsible for the team's arrangements. To these people, It took just few days to unearthed deeper malaise in the Indian team. These are the reasons for above deduction, which were reported in Thursday's issue of

  • South African team had regular meetings between 6pm and 7pm. Indian team members went to attend their respective sponsor programs.

  • South Africans moved together and ate together but Indian players sat in groups, while having their food. On the match-eve, South Africans had an exclusive team only dinner on the lawns and paid bill themselves.

  • South Africans went to bed by 9pm on all days, despite being accompanied by their wifes and girl friends on this tour.

In Friday's newspaper it was reported, that Indians, on reaching Bangalore most of them preferred to take rest and just two players ventured out for practice. All these symptoms show indolent attitude and lack of cohesiveness in their approach. For a team which has been embroiled in controversies, group politics and personal loyalties, it is difficult to overcome them in a night but they should make a beginning, first they need to realize importance of small gestures in nurturing team spirit & discipline, specially when our players come from diverse regions.

No matter who wins this series, Indian players need to learn lot from South Africans. Meticulous routines, team work and devotion towards the game will only bring us close to realizing the world cup dream and not individual talent or fame.

Wednesday, 2 November, 2005

When will we realize our deceitful enemy?

I was expecting some kind of strong response from Indian government after Delhi serial blasts but it appears, that as usual our efforts will be limited to finding terrorists, who perpetrated these blasts and ignoring their affiliated organizations and the country, which gives them all support & free reign to operate in their territory. Every country in this world at least tries to protect their citizens and advises them on impending danger to their lifes but our leadership makes loud noises about their resoluteness in their fight against terrorists but when it comes to hard decision making they are always shallow and reactionary. How many of us know, that there are waging jihad against us? and how serious we are in dealing with this?.

Our peaceniks and Pakistani sympathizers argue that there should not be any hindrance to peace process!. First, i would like to know what is the objective of peace? since there is regular killings & tortures of civilians, attacks on security forces & their installations in J&K and in the rest of the country too, they are continuing their terrorist violence unabated, last major attempt was on Ayodhya. Most importantly Pakistani authority is not even willing to accept the existence of terrorist training camps in territory controlled by them, even after ample proof provided by their own Herald Magazine and also by international agencies and satellite images provided by Indian government, with such dishonest and deceitful enemy how can we expect them to keep their commitments?. Musharraf has done very little in controlling terrorism, after attack on parliament, he had arrested some terrorists and their organization chiefs were put under house arrest but only to be released later, when people's attention shifted from this issue. Now, terrorist organizations were put in the watch list for name sake and given free reign in Pakistan to operate & recruit, as we can see from earth quake relief operations conducted by them with full support from ISI & pakistani establishment.

"We are very disappointed with the government. The mujahideen saved us. I am going to join them next summer since winter has already arrived," he said.

The stench of rotting bodies and the lopsided approach of the Pakistan government has given a fresh lease of life to the jehadi movement. The population of Pakistan occupied Kashmir has developed a soft corner for the jehadis.

The quake has strengthened jehad.

We are generously donating 25 million to pakistan government for providing assistance to quake victims without any accountability, I guess this will be eventually used against us. If we can't choke their support base and counter their propaganda in Pakistan controlled areas then how can we succeed against terrorism?.

Sometimes, it appears to me that our politicians are only serious about terrorism, when there is a direct threat to their lives, such as attack on parliament. There never has been any change in attitude of pakistani government but the change is in our mindset to ignore daily killings of our own people, in hope to encourage peace process.