Monday, 17 September, 2007

How crazy are we about iPhone???

Well, i almost fell off my chair when i saw this below item for sale!. Some seller selling unlocked iPhone for whopping Rs 59,990 (around $1460) at rediff shopping website and apparently this seller claims that it's retail value is around $1950. Recently, Apple has reduced the cost of iPhone with 8gb memory from $599 to $399 and here is the guy selling it at the cost of a laptop with decent spec!. Well, so much for unlocked version, specially when we can get free software hack from iUnlock Reloaded and others.

I don't understand why people think its worth a fortune and are crazy about it, when it is just a fashion phone as noted by Elder Murtazin in his excellent unbiased review1 and review2. I think some people are just influenced by glitter & hype created by a product. I personally prefer features of LG's KU990 (Viewty) or Samsung F700 over an iPhone.

Now, we have to see if we have any desperate & foolish buyers here in India for a phone which costs around $1460+ (with illegal unlock & which is yet to be tested on Indian carriers) and also which provides only 10 to 15 days vendor warranty?. Do they care that with any new firmware update, iPhone will be locked again???.