Friday, 30 January, 2009

Indian Taliban?

Mangalore pub attack on young men and women is indeed outrageous and barbaric. As free citizens, it is individual’s prerogative to choose on how one leads their life and it is not anyone's business (including the state) to prescribe things. Misguided puritans have no role in our democratic and secular country. Certainly those hooligans of Sri Ram Sena must be punished stringently and made to pay for using Sri Ram’s name. But why call them Taliban?. For our media, is it so hard to relay news and evoke people's emotions without using flammable,incongruous and debatable label, which has wider connotation than it is required?.

All those naive views on the internet that pronounce these hooligans as terrorists only distort actual meaning of a terrorist and provide future fodder to Hindu-Zionists conspiracy theories, which are rampant among our adversaries. Any use of terror laws against them as suggested by Ananthamurthy will only dilute our critical fight against actual terrorists (whichever religion they may belong). Why can’t we handle this issue by remaining immune to our prejudices & hatred, is it too hard to try?.

Those pseudo secularists and politicians, who pounce on anything which is related to Hindus, should ask themselves, why they weren’t so outraged, when muslim legislators and urdu press in Hyderabad, demanded head of an hapless lady? and don’t they care about sexual exploitation of women in the north east by the christian terrorists of NLFT?, Doesn’t these women and all other women in the country matter to them?. Their selective amnesia just exposes their intellectual dishonesty.

It would serve our cause better, if we just focus on the issue, rather than exhibit our prejudice & hatred in open, which only muddle things!.

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