Tuesday, 20 February, 2007

Samjhauta Express Bombing

It takes a gruesome bomb blast to expose the kind of security arrangements made for samjhauta express. In the past, samjhauta express was used for fake currency smuggling and also at times ISI sponsored terrorists used it as means to enter the country, in spite of this, on 19th no baggage checking was conducted and only 6 security personals were present for 14 coach train!. Question that needs to be asked is why is samjhauta express allowed to run without adequate security on our end after it was halted following the parliament attack?. In our anxiety to implement CBMs, how can we ignore our security needs!.

It is amazing to see people believe that this incident may effect so-called peace process but if they follow policies of Indian establishment then one can be sure that no amount of terrorism will hinder peace process, unless it is directed towards prominent politicians or their family members or when terrorists use nuclear weapon(s) on Indian soil.

My sincere condolence to those who had died!.

Saturday, 3 February, 2007

Let us remain steadfast in ignoring terrorism?

In a press conference Musharraf has said that:

"There will be obstacles and we have to be steadfast against all that they (militants) do," he said adding "that is why I say we should bold enough."

Since the beginning of terrorism in the valley it has been pakistan's government desire to absolve themselves from all actions of their state sponsored terrorists. Now that India has started this peace process without putting much emphasis on pakistan government's accountability for their support to the terrorists, therefore it will only exonerate their actions. And this is what musharraf states as if terrorists are distinct entities from the pakistan's government agencies like ISI. If Indian government choose to ignore pakistan's involvement without taking pragmatic stand for the sake of so-called peace dialog then the word PEACE doesn't signify anything.

He further says that:

"all shades of Kashmiris" should be taken on board except those who believe that militancy is the only option to resolve the issue.

I suppose all shades means those Hurriyat people who claim to be true representatives of people of J&K without any mandate. Anyways, his statement coincides or does it? with the statement of Mirwaiz, which he issued few days ago after returning from pakistan.

On other hand, BBC reports that musharraf has admitted that pakistan's border security forces have been letting the Taliban into Afghanistan!. American generals are frustrated enough with musharraf's brilliant game of duplicity of co-operation in the war against terror and perhaps the evidence from NATO, UK and afghan forces is too much to ignore, so much so that it made musharraf to acknowledge it publicly but with some spin.

After receiving millions of dollars in aid and military hardware from USA to fight Indian Army Taliban, Musharraf resigns over the situation and says:

it would be difficult for two border guards on a typical check post on the Afghan border when they are faced with a group of "20 well-armed, well-trained and well-motivated people challenging them".

and goes further to complain that:

His country was being made "a scapegoat" for the resurgence of Taleban-led militants.

There we go, therefore let us not blame pakistan's government and ignore ISI activities in Quetta!.